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 Throttle King Qualifier
Hosted by WildTimeFab, 2017

Who:       Wild Time Fabrication is hosting a Throttle King Qualifier in Olivet,MI this                                  year.

What:        A two day competition event that drivers can showcase their skills one at a                             time against the clock. drivers compete in Tug-A-War, Flat Drags, Hill-N-                                   Hole mud pit, Obstacle Course and the ever impressive Freestyle. There will be                       Mega trucks as well as one ton trucks racing.


Friday July 7, 2017 :

Gates open at Noon, for camping, and event registration. Trucks will be on display as they arrive, most all day, for a chance to meet the drivers and view the trucks. 6PM Friday night, Tug-A- War. 

                            Saturday July 8 : 

Gates will open at 8AM. Events start at Noon. Flat Drags in the mud, Hill-N-Hole, Obstacle Course and the can not miss Freestyle. 


This day is used for clean up, no events scheduled.


                                 4243 W. Butterfield Hwy  

                      Olivet, MI  49076


               Adults $10 per day. Children 8 Yrs and younger Free. 


Rustic camping is available. Camping is $10 per person per night. 

Driver registration and Vendor information please scroll to bottom of page.

4243 Butterfield Hwy Olivet, MI 49076

Check back often for updated sponsor information, and registered driver information. 

 Registered Mega Trucks


Registered One Ton Trucks